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Murderers, Not WarriorsShannon French’s angle on the principle of discrimination is focused on asymmetrical conflict. She poses the question whether, in an unfair battle, the underdog may not be justified in its use of nondiscriminatory acts as a last resort to survival, thus combating the superior power’s unfair advantage. This could be termed “leveling the playing field.” However, if one side plays unfairly, the other side is not expected to play fairly in response..

Do you think silence from his party indicates they are too racist?Not only is he a racist, he’s a filthy creepy porn racist and it’s just bad luck for him that EVERYONE has a camera these days to capture his blatant Dark RACISM and Bigotry on digital for the archives: But this is the UNREAL part, he can’t even resign voluntarily because as soon as he does he’ll be INDICTED for his High Crimes and CRIMES Against HUmanity: Is this INSANE or what ????Listen to this 73 year old Babbling RETARD, it doesn’t get more racist than this and it’s BACKFIRING on him in a BIG way:crankaliciousposted 10 months agoin reply to thisThere are very close ties between nationalism and racism. I don’t think any Republican would argue that Trump ISN’T a nationalist. Nationalist language frequently begins to sound like racist language because Trump views America in a certain way.What is the nation for Trump? I don’t think he sees a melting pot.

Answering one kind of madness with another, Spike Lee’s Chi Raq approaches the plague of gun violence in Chicago with a staggering disregard for propriety. Just the title alone a reference to a fatality rate that’s exceeded that of American soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan over the same period was enough to raise the ire of the city’s image conscious elite, but that’s merely a throat clearing for the operatic fantasia to come. With Aristophanes’ Lysistrata serving as an audacious starting point, Lee’s musical/satire/feature length editorial lurches from genre to genre and tone to tone with as much freewheeling spontaneity as possible for a film where the dialogue is almost entirely in verse.

Suffice it to say, Harris has been answering questions about her place in a potential Biden administration longer than many other contenders as an early favorite; some have taken to national publications to push their pick to the top of the list. Several top aides and members of Biden camp say Harris who has hosted multiple campaign events and been able to rake in cash is the top pick too, according to recent reporting in Politico.Yahoo NewsWhite House encourages hydroxychloroquine use for coronavirus againThe White House continued on Thursday to promote the use of hydroxychloroquine, the antimalarial drug that President Trump and some of his supporters have held out as a treatment for the coronavirus, against the advice of the Food and Drug Administration and in the face of studies that have shown it can be harmful in some cases. Routinely touted by prominent conservative allies of the president, including primetime Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham, it has been denounced by members of the medical establishment as an unproven therapy that poses the risk of potentially fatal heart complications.

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