Oakley Half Jacket Polarised Lenses

Ahead of shipping the first Glass devices, Google had posted documentation for developers discussing software development for Glass. It also mentioned that the software would be called Glassware and that they’ll need to use Google Mirror API ‘a set of RESTful services that transmit information to and receive notifications from Glass devices’. However, app development policies for Glass are much more restrictive and Google has tighter control on the type of apps that developers build.

8 Choose Your Cycling Partners WiselyIf you’re planning on cycling with a friend or in a group, make sure you all share similar hopes and expectations for the tour. Avoid cycling with people whom you clash over the slightest disagreement. And it’s never a good idea to go on tour with a fitness fanatic if you’re a couch potato (and vice versa)!.

Mr. Krizanc was a bookseller before his writing career took off, and to get the house ready for sale crates and crates of books have been sold and donated and shipped off in the kind of purging Marie Kondo would approve of. There’s still a wall of books upstairs in this room though; just a taste of what was.The third floor loft could also be the master, if you don’t mind angled ceilings and more of those quirky nooks (including a huge attic space behind a short door.) This floor’s bathroom has a new soaker tub and a little more isolation from the downstairs.Open this photo in galleryStory continues below advertisementScott Ingram, one of the listing agents, dug up a trove of details about the house’s history.

Baker and Bruce put their problems aside to form Cream, and the combination of Clapton blues riffs and Baker monstrous beats made them the first supergroup of rock. Cream created a new rock format: a power trio that emphasised instruments over vocals. Over the next two years, Cream sold 15 million albums, with hits such as White Room, Strange Brew and Sunshine of Your Love opening the door for a generation of heavy metal and prog rock excess..

“As America begins to reopen, looking back at how COVID 19 made its way to the United States will contribute to a better understanding to prepare for the future,” said CDC Director Robert Redfield.Redfield said that the virus circulated at such low levels after being introduced in the US that earlier diagnostic tests would’ve missed it.Visit ‘s homepage for more stories.The coronavirus began to spread across the United States in late January or early February and remained undetected for nearly a month, according to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Cases, likely resulting from the importation of a single lineage of virus from China in late January or early February, followed by several importations from Europe,” the report says. They found that community spread of the coronavirus began between January 18 and February 9, the report says, with “cryptic circulation” or undetected transmission underway by early February.As of Saturday, the coronavirus has infected nearly 1.75 million Americans and killed over 102,000, based on data from Johns Hopkins University.

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