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The judges then beckoned Bria Anai who stated that she “wants to be remembered as the girl with the lips.” Well, after her performance of “Wrong Side of a Love Song” by Melanie Fiona, she can rest assured that people will either remember her as the girl with the lips or the girl with the mouth, since she shouted the entire song. Harry explained to Bria that there is a difference between being passionate and shouting and Keith, proving to Bria that she should be careful of what she wishes for, added, “You overshot the runway . Marrialle chose to sing, “Roar,” by Katy Perry. Her performance was completely over the top and much like her demeanor, came across as conceited and overbearing. Sure, she’s excited the poor girl almost jumped out of her shoe before pulling off one of the greatest Idol stage recoveries ever but if she makes it through she really needs to learn how to tone down the act.

Bulimia tends to develop late in childhood or in early adulthood. It affects females more often than males. People with bulimia often perform the behaviors in secret, feeling disgusted and ashamed when they binge, yet relieved once they purge. An interview of Rahul Gandhi, aired by a local television channel in Gujarat ahead of today’s election, became the new flashpoint between the Congress and the BJP on Wednesday. As the Election Commission issued a notice to Mr Gandhi saying he “prima facie” violated the model code of conduct following a complaint by the BJP, the Congress asked for action against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah for what they said was similar rule breaking. Senior Congress leader Randeep Surjewala also alleged that Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and the state BJP chief Jitu Vaghani had issued threats to journalists for airing Mr Gandhi’s interview..

Fans can register for the LifeOnPaws Virtual Dog Walk at this link. ET, 50 years to the day the Bruins won the Stanley Cup In a rare roundtable interview, Bobby Orr, Gerry Cheevers, Phil Esposito and Derek Sanderson discuss how this band of brothers captured the hearts and minds of New England sports fans forever, and produced one of the most iconic sports moments of all time: Orr flying through the air as he scored the Stanley Cup overtime goal in Game Four against the St. Louis Blues.

By Myranda GrecingerThe Columbian Exchange and the Atlantic Trade Route revolutionized the world. It is common knowledge that people were traded on those routes as slaves who were treated like property and commodities. What is not as well known is the fact that many of those slaves were white.

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