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Above all the changed social and political context in the UK and internationally supports the need to explore the complex processes involved in the representations and understandings of the role and practice of occupational therapists amongst other professionals (Reeves et al 2010).The limited recent literature examining general practitioners’ perceptions of occupational therapy, coupled with the major role GPs are set to take in determining the future of healthcare in England, suggests a need for more research into this topic. Accordingly, this article reports on a study which aimed to answer the following research question:How are occupational therapy and the link between health and occupation portrayed to general practitioners?Critical discourse analysis (CDA) is used by many researchers to understand the social and political influence of text or talk (Van Dijk 2011). CDA not only analyses text (which may be words or pictures), it also theorises on the social and cultural contexts in which texts are produced and interpreted.

As I was done with collecting Star Wars at that point (after you collect all 92, the Ewoks, the Droids, Yak Face, and a few others what left?) I was ready to try something new for a while. Joe (which was similar to Micronauts but a smidgen more popular.) When it came time for Kenner to address rumors of a new Star Wars toy line, I really, really expected that what we would see would be similar if not identical to Playmates Trek range, and what we got cost the same and offered a lot less for my money. No trading cards.

We are speechless. We are angry. We are sad. “I think it’s very easy to brush off the notion that the system operates much like a caste system, if in fact you are not trapped within it. I have spent years representing victims of racial profiling and police brutality and investigating patterns of drug law enforcement in poor communities of color, and attempting to help people who have been released from prison attempting to ‘re enter’ into a society that never seemed to have much use to them in the first place. And in the course of that work, I had my own awakening about our criminal justice system and this system of mass incarceration.

My mother, who was in her late teens at the time, and her step mother were each leaning out of the dormer windows, but of course could not reach the cats. He and my aunt used to frequent a certain bar for a drink now and then. They were “regulars,” and went to hang out with friends.

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