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Major Wes Priddy, who oversees operations at the county jail, tells the Chronicle that because the week selected for review encompasses Feb. 1, the figures are largely inflated. All but three of the “decline dates” are listed as Feb. Within detail of a photo attributed by William Frassanito possibly to David Bachrach (the “Bachrach photo” the one in which Lincoln was discovered by Josephine Cobbin 1952 seated on the platform) can be seen what may be the upper portion of a man made object situated just inside the hollow square of soldiers (see detail, below). Its height and rectangular shape strongly suggest that it was a portable darkroom with an onward facing soldier in front of it rather than just a moving blur. It is somewhat evocative of a photograph of a portable darkroom positioned near Hanson E.

Even what is now the exclusive gated neighborhood of Sea Gate once had it’s own amusements before there were residents. Brighton Beach had it’s own amusement park, Brighton Pike, with a huge out and back wooden coaster called “A Chase Through The Clouds”. But a large scale park all the way out in Brighton could not compete with Coney Island’s three big theme parks.

Third option, if you like the dilapidated look of the cracks. You could drop like $400 dollars on something like West system epoxy. After cutting ends, sanding and staining; you could pour fill the cracks, then route a few channels across the boards in the bottom and screw / epoxy steel bars into the underside of the wood to stabilize it.

Perhaps it was part of a mating display. Perhaps only males had these (or only females!) Perhaps it was some sort of defense mechanism or perhaps he used it to burrow in the sand. One of the strangest aspects of this one, besides his fork, is his species tendency to favor asymmetry.

Many serious problems remain for Oakley’s successor, Robert Gosende, an experienced diplomat who knows Somalia and was part of Oakley’s team in December and January. Arms are plentiful, and factions continue to resist concessions that would bring peace. But Oakley, working closely with US and allied forces, opened broad areas for relief, provided an atmosphere for resuming normal trade, encouraged participation of the factions in peace talks, and laid the groundwork for the United Nations to assume the p eacekeeping task in May.

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